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Glico Festive Pack 2012

Glico Festive Pack 2012

Glico Festive Pack 2012, 2011

Tung Shun Pte Ltd


Main theme in 2012 Glico’s gift packs is Celebration, representing them in different joyous occasions. Each gift pack shall communicate Music, Harvest and Reunion as sub-themes of celebration.

Collon: Music, a form of representation to express happiness, heightens the joyous occasion of Chinese New Year. Drummers beat in synchronisation with their collon look-alike drums.

Spicky: We relate harvest to the main ingredient, potato, in Spicky. Wishing all our consumers prosperity, wealthy and good returns in the new year.

Pocky: The idea of reunion comes from the nature of Pocky biscuit which is popular among all ages. Therefore, reunion holds an indepth meaning of bring people together especially on this joyous occasion.