Lay Hiang's Portfolio



Hello! I’m Lay Hiang, graduated with Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honors) in Visual Communication from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. This is my 11th year in the industry. I have started as an in-house designer in my early years and later take on an Art Director role in a design agency.

I’m a perfectionist. I believe in ‘doing things right’ and not cutting corners. As a designer, I take on several personae: a performer who digests the script and present a memorable character, a marketer who knows how to strategies to your advantage, and a good problem solver when all the above fail. These challenges continue to motivate me: to observe, to think harder, to be curious and make appropriate recommendations through my designs.

I’m a fan of the big screen. Hardly missed out any blockbusters in the theatre. I’ve tried catching 2 movies in a row, impromptu, within a day. Whenever I travel, my husband and I will try to make some time to catch a movie in that country too!

Drop me a note if you are interested in keeping in touch with me. You can find me @layhiang on Twitter or email me at hiang1211 at